February 28, 2011

Terms and Conditions

You will be flying in a four seat Cessna 172 or similar high wing aircraft perfect for sightseeing.
Max passengers per flight are three, minimum occupancy two. One passenger can sit next to the pilot or you can sit together; its your own personal tour.
Being a high wing aircraft you will get excellent views of the scenery below. The aircraft has plug in headsets in all seats.
Your pilot will give you a guided tour of the area telling you its history and local information. You are welcome to speak to the pilot with your input and ask questions during the flight. You can also speak amongst yourselves through your microphones. We request quiet during takeoff and landing. Our tours are unique to Brighton Scenic which is a brand owned by Pleasure Flying Club Ltd, a non-profit organisation operating under CAA and EASA introductory flight regulations for Scenic/Sightseeing Tours by Air in a light aircraft.

To book we require a contact number, you do not need to buy a voucher to fly (these are Gift items).
We will try to accommodate last minute bookings subject to availability.
Bookings are essential and these can be made by telephone or by email (emails will be confirmed as soon as possible).
There are no set times of departure; flight times can be arranged to suit you subject to availability. Choose your own time and day. We fly most days subject to volunteer pilot availability and weather conditions.
It is your own flight, we do not mix groups with other members.
Bookings should be made direct with Pleasure Flying Club (Brighton Scenic), please choose which route you would like and an approximate time and date for us to check if this is possible.
Payment must be made in advance if you do not have a voucher, you cannot pay in cash on the day. Please contact us to make arrangements if you are unable to make online or telephone payments.
Once you make your booking you should confirm with Brighton Scenic on the morning of your flight who will advise you if the weather is suitable.
Flights can be re-booked at no extra cost. Please give 48hrs notice for any re-bookings and cancellations.
Please supply a contact number (preferably a mobile) that you will be available on on the day of your flight in case of weather problems.

Remember you are dealing direct with Brighton Scenic and the Pleasure Flying Club, not through a broker or booking agent, so you can ring and speak with one of our team at any time to discuss your flight.

Check In
We request that passengers arrive 25mins before their booked flight. Your pilot will meet you in the Main Terminal Building at Shoreham Airport, BN43 5FF. Late arrivals may not be guaranteed a flight on that day or may need to exchange slots with another member. If you are running late please contact us as soon as possible and we will try to accommodate you.

Identification and Tickets
No tickets are issued. Voucher holders will be given a booking reference number and members will simply receive confirmation of the slot via email.

Delays and Weather
If in doubt of the weather suitability please check with us on the morning of your flight that the weather is suitable. Low cloud, poor visibility, fog, electrical storms or high winds may prevent the flight taking place on that day or may need to be rescheduled for a different time.

Our pilots receive an aviation forecast every morning specific to the area. Weather often changes by the hour so we will advise you what the weather is likely to be at the time of your flight if there is any uncertainty, and where there is too large a risk of poor conditions your pilot may choose to cancel your flight the day before. We will of course notify you straight away if conditions are too poor.

In the event of weather delays every effort will be made to operate the flight as soon as conditions are suitable that day without compromising your enjoyment of the flight.

No charge will be made in the event of us cancelling your flight and we will re-book for another time or day at your convenience. For cancellations due to weather or air traffic control restrictions no refunds will apply.  We will however rebook your flight for you with priority.

In the event of technical / airport delays we will keep you informed of any waiting time.

Reduced prices are available for children between 5yrs and 14 years when accompanied by an adult. Longer flights are not suitable for small children.
Sorry but we cannot take infants under 2yrs due to safety constraints.

Pets are not permitted on our flights but are welcome at the airport on leads in the main terminal and on the large terrace (not inside the restaurant).

Can I bring friends to watch
Yes of course! The airport is open to the public, there is a large outdoor seating area outside the bar and restaurant. Airport safety rules must be followed at all times, but it’s a great place to sit by the airfield and watch the planes go by! 

No special clothing is required but don’t forget your camera and sunglasses.

Pay and display parking is outside main terminal building at a small fee. Make sure to read signs where to park. Any delays to the return to your vehicle due to flight delays or air traffic congestion are not our responsibility.

Refreshments, meals and toilets are available in the main terminal restaurant and bar. Sorry but please do not bring food or drink on board the aircraft unless by arrangement.

Lost Items
Please take care not to leave items in the aircraft and keep personal possessions on you at all times. Any lost item should be reported immediately to a member of staff who will endeavour to locate it.
We cannot take responsibility for lost items. The aircraft is checked and cleaned at the end of each day, any items found will be kept for 7 days before being discarded.

All our pilots are fully qualified and licenced, and are required to undergo a Medical with a CAA Medical examiner every 6 months.
The aircraft used for a these flights are maintained to rigorous standards, with checks every 50 hours of flying through a CAA approved maintenance organisation.

Shoreham Airport is a licenced airport with fire cover.

Weight limits
Weight restrictions may apply when carrying passengers. We will ask you to confirm that the maximum weight of all passengers combined is below 29 stone or 185 kg. (passenger weights together excludes pilot). This is to ensure the aircraft remains in weight and balance limitations for your safety.

Gift Vouchers
Members do not need a voucher to book, they are intended as gift items only.
You may make personal bookings by telephone or email.
Gift Vouchers are valid for 2 or 3 persons as stated upon the voucher.
Vouchers are suitable for ages 5 years and over. Ages under 14 years should be accompanied by an adult.
Vouchers can be refunded from the point of sale within 7 days. After 7 days they are not redeemable against cash except in exceptional circumstances.

Tours booked for a specfic date cannot be refunded except in exceptional circumstances.
Vouchers may be transferred to any other party.

Please check the approximate weights of passengers with Brighton scenic before ordering to avoid disappointment. Vouchers can be upgraded on the day from 2 to 3 passengers or for longer routes (30 minute to a 45 or 60 minute experience). Refunds cannot be made if the combined passenger weight is above permitted limits. In this event, one or more persons may need to remain on the ground. We may, for a surcharge, be able to conduct two flights for an overweight party, please check.

Vouchers are valid for 6 months from date of purchase. Please check the date on your voucher.
Extensions may be made in special circumstances.

Vouchers are numbered and can be replaced if lost, please contact us before arrival
Please also see booking details above.

Order your Voucher by phone or email
Please order online or phone to pay by card if your requirement is unavailable online (i.e. 3 seats or adut plus child), we can also send an email invoice for credit or debit card payment.
We will email your Voucher once payment has been confirmed.

Please check with Brighton Scenic if any passenger flying has a disability and we will try to accommodate. We have flown many disabled passengers and a few passengers 100 years and over. Being a highwing aircraft, boarding is easier for the elderly (no climbing on wings), however some agility or assistance may be needed. Remember this is a pleasure flight and not a flying lesson, so there are no fitness requirements or upper age limits and all passengers are fully insured.


Can be taken at all phases of flight and on the ground (except near re-fueling if you are on board).

We welcome feedback from our members! We’ve been doing this for a long time but there are always things we can improve on. If you have any great ideas on how to promote our club and keep these glorious old planes in he sky we’d love to hear from you!

We hope you enjoy your flight experience. Any questions do not hesitate to ring us or email.