The nearest town to the airport is Shoreham which enjoys a unique location, bordered on the north by the South Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, on the west by the open valley of the river Adur and on the south by the river and Shoreham Beach.

Such close proximity to the Downs, the town and port of New Shoreham was established by the Norman Conquerors towards the end of the 11th century. Shorehama��s strategic location and proximity to Normandy made it a logical place to improve facilities for travel and trade.

The rise of Brighton and Worthing and the coming of the railway in 1840 prepared the way for Shorehama��s rise as a rapidly growing Victorian sea port with several shipyards and an active coasting trade.

Shoreham Beach to the south of the town, is the shingle bank thrown up over the centuries by the sea. Converted railway carriages became summer homes around the turn of the century, and Bungalow Town, as it was then known, became home for a short time to a flourishing film industry. It was cleared for defence reasons during the second World War and is now completely developed for modern houses.