Professional Aerial Photography

We are approved under our own Air Operators Certificate to undertake Professional Aerial Photography and survey work. Our plane has a high wing and we are approved to open the side windows to prevent glare and obtain a good focus.

These flights are suitable for Professional photographers and surveyors using their own equipment. These flights are not guided tours and are pre- arranged/planned sorties to meet the needs of the professional. A full safety brief is given prior to each flight. A�Having our own AOC ensures that all photographers are covered by our insurance.

We are approved for day time aerial work operations within a 50nm radius of Shoreham Airport and can re-position to operate from any other licensed aerodrome.

Having our own AOC (we are not brokers) means our prices cannot be beaten. We believe the Cessna 172 is the best suitable platform for aerial work as well as the most cost effective.

Please call for a quotation we charge on an hourly rate (minimum sorties are 30mins)

07852780136 A�

Note : All photos featured on Brighton Scenic A�website are taken by amateur photographers (ie our own pilots)

Photos can be taken on all our Scenic Flight Routes however opening of windows in flight is strictly limited to professional sorties.